What are the content types?

Live webinar - a 60 minute live seminar, broadcast from our studio to your computer at a specific date and time. Watch the speakers alongside the presentation slides and actively participate by typing questions into the chat box.
Recorded webinar - recorded versions of our live webinars are available within 24 hours of the live broadcast. You can view the recorded version at your own convenience.
Conference session - a 30 to 60 minute presentation, filmed live at one of our legal conferences and made available for viewing on-demand.
Online learning - skills courses presented as a series of engaging learning modules, with audio, video and interactive exercises, which cover a single topic in 5 minutes or less.
Legal update - an audio news bulletin providing regular updates across different practice areas.
Masterclass - a 30 to 60 minute video interview featuring an expert explaining a complex legal subject or giving guidance on how to apply a legal concept in practice.
Discussion - a 30 to 60 minute video discussion between experts, giving practical insight into recent legal developments and key topics.
Snapshot - a short overview of a webinar, masterclass, discussion or online learning course. It is free to view and there for you to sample before purchasing the full content.


Who presents the content?

All of our speakers and contributors are leading experts, including barristers, solicitors, consultants, RELs and academics. Browse the Our Experts page to see who they are.

What do I get with my content?

Each piece of content comes with additional free resources to download, including audio file, written transcript and other resources.

How can I buy access to content?

You can purchase access to individual items of content from the content catalogue or you can subscribe to our service for full access.

What happens after I purchase content?

If you purchased a single piece of content, you can access it from your My Account page. You will then have unlimited access to that item and the associated resources for 1 month from the date of purchase or broadcast (whichever is later).

If you used your subscription to purchase an item of content, you will have unlimited access to that item and its resources for the duration of your subscription please see the subscription section below for further information.

How do I claim my CPD hours?

Please see the CPD Information page for full details.


How do I know if a live webinar will work on my computer?

Click here to test your system.

Why won't the on-demand videos play on my computer?

Our videos are streamed using Flash. Some browsers require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for this to work. To download the plug-in, go to and follow the instructions on that page.

What happens if I lose my login password?

If you lose or cannot remember your password, please click here and enter your email address.

Does this website use cookies?

In common with most professional online services, we use cookies to speed up navigation through our website. A cookie is a piece of encoded information that is sent from our website and stored in your computer's memory. This piece of information identifies who you are and therefore avoids the time-consuming process of checking your details against our user database each time a new page is requested. A few points on cookies:

  • cookies only contain as much information as was disclosed to the site that sent it
  • cookies do not take information from your hard drive, delete files or contain viruses
  • cookies are small files (100s of bytes) and do not pose a disk space problem
  • the information in each cookie cannot be readily decoded or used in any other way
  • if you choose you can usually change your web browser to disable storage of cookies

Please note: disabling cookies may affect your ability to login and view content.


What do I get with a Content Pass subscription?

A Content Pass provides a specified number of users with unlimited access to online content across all practice areas for the duration of the subscription (usually 12 months).

What do I get with a Practice Area Pass subscription?

A Practice Area Pass subscription provides a specified number of users with access to online content in a single practice area for the duration of the subscription (usually 12 months).

How does an Open Pass subscription work?

When you purchase an Open Pass subscription, you will receive a Company Access Code and a block of hours, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Anyone in your organisation can use these hours to view live and on-demand content, plus all the content resources, from any practice area on the site.

Each time a new piece of content is accessed using your Open Pass, the advertised number of CPD hours will be deducted from your balance. Once you have added an item to your Open Pass, you can log in and view it again as many times as you like during the 12 months your Open Pass is valid - without using any more of your hours.

What happens after I purchase my subscription?

After your purchase you will receive an email providing you with your Company Access Code and further information on how to use your subscription.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription will commence on the date you receive the email with your Company Access Code.

How do I access content with my subscription?

All subscribers can build their own library of content, which can be viewed as many times as you like during the length of your subscription.

If you're already signed in, you can add content to your library in just four steps:

  • Browse our content catalogue
  • Click on the title of the content you wish to view
  • Select 'Add to My Content'
  • Enter your password to confirm

The item will then appear at the top of your content library for you to watch at your convenience.

Content from the 'Upcoming' section of the catalogue will be viewable on the 'available from' date. All other items are available to view immediately.

Open Pass Subscribers: Once you have entered your password, the corresponding number of CPD hours will be deducted from the balance of your Open Pass.

I don't have enough hours left on my Open Pass, what can I do?

If you're getting low on hours, you can 'top up' with as many additional hours as you need to see you through to the end of your Open Pass subscription period.

Top-up hours can be purchased by your Subscription Administrator via their My Account page or over the phone on 0845 026 8213.

How do I set up additional users on my subscription?

If your subscription permits multiple users, you just need to provide your colleague(s) with the Company Access Code you received when you purchased your subscription. Subscription Administrators can also find this code on their My Account page.

Your colleague(s) can then use that code to register as a new user on your subscription and start to access content and earn CPD hours.

If you would like us to complete the registration on their behalf, please send a list of users (including email addresses) to

Why can't I register with my Company Access Code?

Your subscription may have reached the user limit. Please ask your Subscription Administrator to check if this is the case; they should be able to 'top up' the number of users via their My Account page.

If you are still unable to register, please contact our Support Team at

What happens when my subscription is due to end?

Open Pass subscriptions renew automatically. Before your subscription is due to end, we will send you a renewal letter and invoice to renew for another 12 months.

If you would like to change the number of hours on your Open Pass or cancel your subscription, please contact us in writing at within 30 days of the renewal invoice date.

If we don't hear from you, your Open Pass will automatically renew with the same number of hours as the previous year (excluding any 'top up' hours you may have purchased) and will commence the day after your current subscription ends.

Content Pass and Practice Area Pass subscribers: Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your renewal options.

For full terms and conditions, please click here.